Holidays And Houses

Dated: 11/16/2017

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{mls: 170055650}The Holiday season is tricky. I hear other Realtor's grumble that perhaps they should take the next few weeks off since no one is buying or selling a home this time of year. 

It's not TRUE. Perhaps in New York where winters include 5 feet of snow and ice on your windows. Or Wisconsin where they literally cancel school because of Snow. We live in Sunny San Diego

It is sunny year round. It's actually November and 80 degrees outside right now. 

There are some buyers who say they will hold off until January to purchase so they can save money. What normally winds up happening (to all of us including myself) is we buy more stuff we think WE need then gifts. That could lead into dipping into your savings account. 

If you buy a home now , you normally would not make your first payment until 45 days after the close of escrow , i.e. January 2018. 

Problem solved. You set your budget, you are taking advantage of today's rates and you are securing a home for your family. What a great way to start of the new year! 

Now , some seller's say it's not as good a time to sell during the holidays because there are less buyers. We are actually extremely busy with buyers, looking to make a move now , worried about the affordability of tomorrow.  

As a human we will always want to time things right. But you cannot be right 100% of the time. Maybe now is the right time, what if the market goes down next Spring? What is the US enters nuclear war? We have no control over these things. But if you are in  a position and NOW works for you and your family , then make that move. Don't let what is considered "The norm" scare you. I think we have all had to live under fear this entire year and I am personally over it.  I refuse to give into that anxiety or what could happen. I am choosing to focus on what is happening around me. Right now around me I have 2 beautiful kids growing faster by the minute. I have a really wonderful husband who I get to spend day and night with and helps me with all aspects of life. I have good friends, a great yoga studio I just started going to and wonderful clients who remember me years after I have helped them buy or sell a home. 

Image titleThese seller's are taking advantage of the HOT Market of Today. If you know anyone interested please give me a call (619) 370-4576 , Alexandra Vinson Coldwell Banker Royal Realty. 

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