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Alexandra Vinson Shepard…Undeniably Great at Selling Real Estate

Alexandra Vinson Shepard…Undeniably Great at Selling Real Estate


It all started when…

I was a little girl. I was raised that the entire family has to spend every second of their free time helping in the family business which just happened to be real estate. I grew up in the back of my parent’s elongated Cadillac , listening to clients discuss their dreams and needs. I also grew up watching clients get upset when their agent didn’t live up to their expectations. The real estate business has changed a lot over the years but simple rules in business have not. First and foremost I believe in being a person of my word. If I tell you I will do something then I will fight to make sure it happens. I believe in being 100% honest at all times. I will never bait and switch or give you any reason to have any doubt in your mind that I am fighting for you - my client.

Lastly I value being their for my clients 100% of the time. The sale of a home is a remarkable, eventful, sometimes crazy experience but I will make it look easy. I take care of it.

Now packing your home and moving..that is on you!