Alexandra Vinson

Alexandra Vinson has 4 generations of Navy in her blood. 2 Generations of Real Estate. And 100% Dedication to helping people obtain their goals.

Licensed Realtor since 2002. 100% Full Time. VA Certified. Listing Specialist.


* Selling Homes "As Is"
* Getting offers accepted quickly
*Listening to my clients to help them obtain their goals
*Average sales price of my listings are higher than competitors.
*Making money for my clients

I will get you the best price possible in the shortest amount of time. I lead with honor, respect and integrity.

Alexandra epitomizes energy, integrity, hard work and a creative eye in every detail of your real estate transaction. Alexandra grew up in Bonita, CA and started selling real estate in 2002. Her family started an independent real estate company in 1990. She grew up shadowing her parents and helping them show homes, do open houses and close escrows. She learned from the agent within the company what NOT TO DO and what to do. She saw how clients appreciated honesty and being straight forward overall. Alexandra is not a salesperson. She works and lives with her heart on her sleeve. If a client wants to make a purchase and Alexandra feels that it may not be the right move for them- she will let them know. Integrity is valued more to her than money (as well as the ability to sleep well at night). Real Estate is her passion, you can call her any time of day or night and she will answer because she has been in your shoes. She has purchased homes and moved investments and can empathize. When you love what you do it is never work! She will always lead her clients to make smart decisions and loves to hand hold clients so they make intelligent decisions together.

Because Alexandra has a history in real estate dating back to 1990, she sees angles other agents do not. She knows work arounds, and options. Her favorite clients are the ones that get turned down by other realtors. When the whole world tells you NO- ask Alexandra. If she cannot make it happen then no one can!

Because she leads with straight forward facts and honesty, she has been a top producer 14 years in a row. She is currently 1 of 2 Agents to have made the national rankings in Real Trends. She has been a winner of the Coldwell Banker International Presidents' Circle (ranking her top 5% World Wide) 8 years in a row. She sells between 50-60 homes a year- just her. No fancy teams. Some agents use teams as a means to make their numbers look larger than they are because the reality is most agents in San Diego only sell 4 homes a year so they need to group together to compete in the world wide web. Not Alex. She is just her, working hard and trying to knock it out of the park so her clients will rave about her and refer her to the family and friends around them

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